Rj Haddy
Headmaster &
Professor of Lifecasting

After being a Season 2 finalist and fan favorite on Syfy’s hit show FACE OFF,  I began teaching workshops at multiple conventions around the world.  It was during this time that I realized that there is a huge demand for FX Education. With my long history of being a professional educator and FX artist I started to think of how I could help fill that need.  


In response to the overwhelming success of my isolated workshops, the idea for FX UNIVERSITY weekend was born! For the first FXU in 2016 I assembled several talented friends and colleagues from the FACE OFF franchise to offer an exciting learning experience for FX Make up enthusiasts and emerging professionals.  


Following the success of 2016 we are thrilled to announce another all-star lineup for FXU 2017.  Please read further for my personal thoughts on each of these talented professionals. 


Nicole and I really bonded on the set of Foxy and Co. She's strong, independent and knows her stuff.


Since winning Season 3 Nicole has gone on to do "Foxy and Co", work with Smosh and on films such as "Akuma" and "Mamaboy". She was even the department head on "You Can't Say No".  

Nicole has an intense sense of how to blend beauty into the dark and creepy things which is her favorite make up style. 

Nicole has won many awards for her makeup including being the first female to win Syfy’s “Face Off”, Raw makeup artist of the Year 2012 and Vanguard award from the California Film Foundation. 

Nicole also owns Vicious Vanity FX where she has trained a team of artists to cover all things makeup. 

Nicole is a great teacher and gives every student her undivided attention! When the call was put out for 2017 instructors, she was the first to respond! We're very happy to welcome her back! 

Nicole Chilelli
Professor of Application and Removal

Stella Sensel 

Professor of  Casting


I just love Stella's spunk and sassy, can-do, attitude! Stella, a two-time Face Off alumni (Seasons 7 and 11) is also a returning professor from FXU 2016. She eagerly signed up for another round and you will be glad she did.


Stella is so talented (she graduated from NYU Drama Department) that Face Off asked her to come back and be an All Star on Season 11 along with two other 2016 professors, Logan Long  and Tyler Green.


As an experienced New York costume designer, Stella discovered her true love was FX make up.

The thing Stella loves most is the way it can completely transform a person into someone, or something else. She currently freelances for film, TV, special events, and more.


Stella is another 2016 professor who dove in to make sure everyone was on the same page and I am so excited to have her witty charm and teamwork spirit back for another year. 


David "Doc" O'Connell

Professor of Mold Making

I met "Doc" shortly after my stint on Season 2 when he was palling around with my good buddy Nix Herrera. Since our first encounter,  I have really enjoyed getting to know Doc, and he's definitely the kinda person who knows the value of loyalty and real friendship. I know you guys will love him just as much as I do.


Even though Doc loves the application and painting process, his molds are sick.  I have always said that some artists molds are as much of a piece of art as the sculpture within, especially Doc's molds.  After all, to lead Orlando's Halloween Horror Nights for as long as he has you have to be one of the best.



With Doc signing on for FXU 2017 you will get a rare opportunity to learn mold making from an industry master.


Even, I am looking forward to his class. After all, who doesn't need help with mold making?


Emily Serpico

Professor of Painting 

As a two-time Face Off finalist, Emily shares that distinction with only one other person, 2016 FXU Professor Tate Steinsiek.


I first met Emily when I was doing a "guest stint" on Season 8. I almost fell over when someone told me that she was only 18. As the youngest Face Off contestant ever, I think it's safe to classify Emily as a true prodigy.

Emily's main focus (and business she co-owns with her mother) is wig ventilation, a hard skill to master!


Emily is also absolutely amazing in everything she creates.  When looking for exceptional talent it was a no-brainer for me to get her on board. 

I can't wait for you guys to meet and learn from Emily. Her easy-going attitude and kind demeanor make her a joy to be around! 

Jordan Patton

Professor of Sculpture 

From a young age Jordan had a very strong love for both cartoons and horror movies. He was influenced by shows like "Ren and Stimpy" and "Aaahh Real Monsters" to movies such as "The Evil Dead" and "Mars Attacks".


After years of practice, Jordan has developed his own fun and wacky style. After Season 9 of Face Off, Jordan has focused on his own original show called "DeadNecks" which is based on all of his wacky cartoon characters.


Knowing me and my love for all things wacky, you shouldn't be surprised that I want this guy around. Not only is Jordan talented, he’s also a fellow WV boy!


I wonder if “DeadNecks" may have some of this WV boy's influence in there … maybe just a bit? I know one thing, I can't wait to see it. 


Since I don't know many other WV natives who taken up careers in FX, I am really excited to have him join us for FXU 2017. 


FXU 2017 Faculty

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