Course Offerings

FXU 2016 and 2017 model was to entrench students in a boot camp style full immersion course over the span of a three day weekend. Quickly covering every necessary FX skill set in order to produce a finished portfolio piece by the end of the weekend.  


2018 saw a new direction for FXU with more focused course offerings allowing for more detail and time for instruction and more frequent offerings. You will find our concentrated courses  more affordable and focus driven than the previous model (don't fret, fans of '16 and '17 we may yet return to that model for a once a year special event!)


For 2019, FXU is trying a layered course offering with classes you can bundle if you so choose. They work as stand-alone's or pair nicely with other courses we have chosen. Its also exciting to be teaching a regular mask class and a puppetry one... FINALLY!  


Check out the offerings for this quarter below! Hope to see you in class soon! 

June 24 & 25

Hand Puppet Construction

with Carnival/Body Puppet Overview

Hand Puppet Construction

Monday, June 24 6pm - 9pm

& Tuesday, June 25 6pm - 9pm


Instructor: RJ


This 5 hour class broken up into two days you will learn how to create moveable mouth human look puppets with a foam built body.   In addition to learning all the professional construction tips and tricks, by the end of this class you will have a completed new little friend to take home and practice your puppeteering skills with! Please be aware, this is a structured class all supplies are included, and we will be making a generic style "human" puppet together as a class.  


As part of the class the last 1-hour on the second day, RJ will detail the process for carnival style puppets, as created by his studios Rad F/X Co., and how to avoid common mistakes in the construction of your own.  

$175 All materials included

July 22 & 23

Airbrush Intro & Intermediate

Sponsored by Paasche Airbrush


Monday, July 22 6:00pm-9:00pm | 3 HOURS

Instructor: RJ


​This 3 hour one day class will walk you through the basics of Airbrush skill sets.  You will be instructed on basic exercises meant to develop your airbrushing skills necessary to move you forward to the next level.  We will focus on maintenance and cleaning of your airbrush and accessories, discuss P.S.I. and how it is important to airbrushing skills, and what types of paint are best suited to what materials and much more.  Purchase BOTH airbrush classes together for a $50 discount on the total cost.  

$150 All materials included

Sponsored by Paasche Airbrush


Tuesday, July 23 6:00 pm - 9:00pm | 3 HOURS

​​Instructor: RJ

This 3 hour one day class will build on what was discussed in the basics class and prepare you for working with stencils, and how to airbrush appliance makeups.  You will be given a small appliance make up to prepaint during the class, as well as several stencils to choose from to practice with.   A review of the cleaning and dismantling process will close down the second half of the day. Purchase BOTH airbrush classes together for a $50 discount on the total cost.


$200 All materials included  

August 5 & 12

Lifecasting Basics




August 5, 6pm-10pm


August 12, 6pm-10pm

Instructor: RJ


PLEASE NOTE:  This class is only One 4-HOUR Day. You do not need to attend both dates. 
Only 12 people will be able to register for each day. 
Same class exactly offered on two different dates for 
convenience one week apart. 


This is the first step in the creation of FX appliances.  and the natural pre-requisite to our September class, Making your Halloween FX Mask sculpture! Everyone needs a good lifecast (top of head to nape of neck) of his or her face to create the really impressive, over the top monsters you saw us create on Face Off Each week for the last 6 years! This is a great way to get a Face Cast of your own at an affordable price.    As one of 12 students each day, you will partner with someone in the class to create a full face life cast, utilizing Smooth-on's Body Double Silk.  You will reproduce your lifecast in Ultracal-30 Plaster.  Then your partner will life cast you.  You will go home with a face cast suitable for sculpture, molding, and baking.  And if you register for both this class and Septembers Halloween make up sculpture class, you will get $50 off your purchase price of BOTH classes.  Just be sure you purchase the duo together at check out! 

$300 All materials included

September 16 & 17

Sculpting your Halloween Mask!

Sculpt Your Own
Halloween Half Mask! 

Monday, September 16 6pm - 9pm 

and Tuesday, September 17 6pm - 9 pm

LENGTH: 6 HOURS total 2 days

Instructor: RJ


PLEASE MAKE NOTE, you must have a face cast to take this course.  Either one created in last months class, or a generic pull that RJ can provide for class.  


This is the second step in the creation of a Half Mask or FX appliances. You will be one of only 12 students in this six hour, over two days course we will complete a character sculpture design of your choice from start to finish in Monster clay. This course is The natural pre-requisite to our OCTOBER class, Molding and Casting your Sculpture! And if you register for both this class and October's Molding and Casting, you will get $50 off your purchase price of BOTH classes.  Just be sure you purchase the duo together at check out! 

$100 (utilizing your own head cast or from last months class)

$200 (with generic face included)


​October 7 & 9

Molding and Casting

your Latex Mask

Molding and Casting your Halloween mask​

Molding Monday, October 7 6pm-9pm 

Casting Wednesday, October 9 6pm-9 pm

LENGTH: 6 HOURS total 2 days.

​Instructor: RJ


PLEASE NOTE: You must have a sculpture ready to mold to take this course.  It may be an existing sculpture you already have, you do not have to have had the previous months class to participate. 

Additionally: This is a Monday and Wednesday course not a Mon/Tues


This is the penultimate step in the creation of a Half Mask or FX appliances. As one of 12 students , in this six hour, over two days, course we will completely mold your sculpture from last months class in Ultracal-30 cement.  We will de-mold  and clean the mold before you leave on the first day. On Wednesday when you return we will run your piece slip latex, By the time you wake up Thursday they will be ready to paint or do whatever you want to them.   If you register for all three classes you will get $100 off the package.  Just be sure you pick the right package at checkout! 

$150 (requires head cast and sculpt from previous class)




Combo Airbrush

Get Intro to Airbrushing and Intermediate Airbrushing together and save $50!

Mask Pack I

Get Head casting and Half-mask Sculpture together and save $50! 

RJ, has always been a stalwart supporter of delivering the best educational content at the best price possible (while still keeping the lights on over here!) Which is why he is offering package deals on all the classes in this summer's course listings.  


Check out these great complimentary classes as a package to save money and expand your skill set! 

Mask Pack II

Get Head casting, Mask Sculpture, and Molding and casting together and save $100!