FX University Scholarship Contest

 FXU 2017 Scholarship Rules and Guidelines

FX University offers an affordable alternative to a costly education. Students who attend FXU are the types of artists who love Face-Off, love FX make up, and are serious about learning the process correctly.

In both 2016 and 2017 we put together some of Face Off’s finest artists to bring you an all-encompassing experience where you learn through hands-on training.

FX University is the creation of FX Artist and professional educator, Rj Haddy. As a life-long professional, Rj takes education very seriously and knows the value of in-person mentors and experienced guidance. Being self-taught is all well and good, but there are things that you just can’t learn on your own or from You Tube.

Rj’s philosophy is that if you can eliminate unnecessary mistakes by attending a school that will show you how to do it right, you can progress to a higher lever much quicker than you can on your own.

"During my career, I have been the beneficiary of help where school and training was concerned and now I would like to pay it forward to help two worthy individuals through the RJ Haddy FXU Scholarship Contest," stated Rj.

So how does the scholarship contest work and what are the rules? Please read the following guidelines and follow them EXACTLY. Thank you for being interested in attending FXU and “may the odds be ever in you favor”.  

Rules and Eligibility Guidelines

1. Scholarship entries must be from individuals 18 years of age or older.

2. To participate in the scholarship contest a person must Like, and share the FX University Facebook page - www.facebook.com/rjsfxu

3. Submit a post on your Facebook page and tag @rjsfxu or @fxuniversity and include five of your best photographs of FX make up work. Make sure YOU have designed and applied the work yourself.


IMPORTANT: These need to be 5 different makeups and add each as a separate image within one post. Photographs must not be edited nor any filters applied.

After your post is live, share it and have your friends and family share it too. Your essay and work are what’s really being judged, however, we always want to see how others react to what you do.  In the case of a tie breaker, a lot of positive comments could be the deciding factor.

4. Submit a 500-word essay explaining why you want or need the scholarship and detail why you want to be an FX artist. Make us understand why it is important for you to win this scholarship.

Tell us about you, your life and experiences and what inspired you to get into FX make up. IMPORTANT: Include your legal name, address, phone, email address and Facebook screen name.


Email this essay as a .pdf  attachment to fxuniversityinfo@gmail.com or as a private message attachment to the FXU Facebook page.

NOTE: We will select one male and one female based on skill and essay.  The scholarship only covers tuition.  Winners are responsible for travel, food and lodging. If one, or both, of the winners is not able to attend, a runner-up will be selected.  Scholarship cannot be transferred.

If the winner has already purchased a ticket, the paid ticket may be transferred to another person or the winner may elect to receive free tuition for FX University 2018.

This scholarship has no cash value.