FANGtastic Dental Course

 Bonus Course, Monday, Sept. 18th

Following FXU 2017 we have added two separate bonus courses for Monday, Sept. 18th. This course, FANGtastic Dentalis taught by the talented 2016 FXU professor, Tyler Green from 2:00 - 6:00 pm

Go here more about Fabulous Foam with Rj Haddy. 








In this four-hour class, the amazing Tyler Green will utilize the Monster Makers dental appliance kit and walk you through the various steps of creating your own pair of custom fangs! From design and planning, to casting your own set of upper teeth, and finally to creation.


Using what you learn, you will be able to apply these skills to dental appliance creations of your own. Cost of admission includes the Monster Makers dental appliance kit, which includes enough supplies for up to 4-6 dental appliance pieces ! 

While this class is open enrollment (you don’t have to attend FXU 2017 to attend) spaces are limited and we only have 25 tickets available. This bonus 4 hour course is offered to FXU 2017 students for $200.00 and the general public for $400.00.  

Note: All class supplies are included in the course fee.