FXU 2017

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Review of course materials, house sorting and dispersal of the FXU 2017 challenge! Afterwards the FXU 2017 meet-and-greet cocktail party.  
Location: Celcius Lounge and Restaurant.


DAY 1 - 9 am

Class 1 - Lifecasting 
At FXU 2016 instructors did a mold of Rj's face.  Aside from all the joking and hijinks, the mold turned out great! In this first of the FXU 2017 classes we will show you the proper way to create a head and shoulders positive using Rj’s face mold from last year.  But it gets better, YOU will partner up with someone in your “house” and you make a negative mold of your partners face using Smooth On  Body Double Silk. Then your partner will take a turn doing your negative mold.  Once complete everyone will fill them in with Ultra cal 30 and create your very own positive mold!  Using that mold we will also show you how to create a “snap” mold of the nose and then clean and prep them for sculpture! 


Class 2 - Sculpture
Using the positive and snap nose mold, we will assist while you sculpt using Monster Makers, Monster Clay. You will make a forehead, cheek, nose, and upper lip piece that fits into your groups challenge topic.  Then we will FLOAT the sculptures off your face cast and move the nose to the snap mold and take the forehead and prep it for flat molding.  We will show you how to finish the nose on the snap mold.

Class 3 - Molding 
We will take Smooth On Mold Star 16 and your forehead sculpture and walk through a flat mold of your forehead piece.  For alumni of 2016 this will be a refresher. We will then make a stone Mold of your nose piece.


DAY 2 - 9 am

Class 4- Casting/ Creation/ Multiple molds
Utilizing the finished molds from Day 1, you will learn how to cast an appliance in gelatin.  We will teach you the proper way to mix gelatin and then allow the gelatin to set up.  While your pieces cure, we will discuss proper ways to store gelatin pieces and how to use them.  We will also show you how to make corrective stone positives and other snap molds from your life casts.

Class 5 - Airbrush and Pre-Painting Techniques
During class 5 you will pre-paint your appliances with either the FXU or the Shadow airbrush by Paasche and paint by European Body Arts’ Endura Face Off line.  Discussed topics will include air pressure, compressors, the difference between a single action and double action gun, and when you should use each.  As a bonus, every student that attends FXU will get a 25 percent discount on any Paasche Item, and percentage off any EBA product that is ordered through Rad FX Co.   

DAY 3 - 9 am

Class 6- Application and Finishing Paint 

In this two-part class you will pair-up again and each partner will take turns applying the creations to each other’s face.  Using European Body Arts Sil Bond and Sil Bond Thinner we will show you how to finish paint with mottling and layering techniques using European Body Arts’ Encore Palette.  
Professional Photos of your finished pieces will be made available for each student. 


Class 7- Removal
One lesson learned at FXU 2016 is that it’s important to teach a removal class! Not only will we discuss different removal products and techniques, but talk about the correct after skin-care which is paramount when actors wear appliance make up on a daily basis.


At FXU 2016 we had a fabulous pre-graduation discussion panel.  We were delighted to have master FX artists John Blake and Bill Myer and actor Zach Galligan join our other panelists.  For 2017 the topic will deal with portfolio work.  We wonder what surprise guests may appear?