Register now for this exciting FX training course where faculty spends four days taking you from concept through molding, casting then application of a professional quality appliance that you design. At FX University YOU create, YOU sculpt, YOU mold, YOU paint, and YOU apply! 

Due to the expert-level training and faculty collaboration, available tickets are limited.  Get your tickets now at the affordable price of $950. Note: There are no refunds.

So what do you get for $950?  

  1. Expert instruction from fan favorites of the hit Syfy series, Face-Off.

  2. Four days of insider tips and trick shared by working FX pros.

  3. All supplies and course materials needed to create your own FX appliance.

  4. FX University graduation certificate and alumni status.

  5. Exclusive membership in private FXU forums.

  6. direct contact with Rj and his team.

  7. Networking opportunities with students and staff.

  8. FX University branded gift bag with samples from well-known FX makeup brands.

  9. An unforgettable experience full of creativity, fun and new friends.


* We are also offering a three-month payment plan for $999.  You can find out more here -


ANNOUNCEMENT: We have added two bonus courses on Monday, Sept. 18. 


#1 Fabulous Foam Bonus Course taught by Rj Haddy from 9:00 am until 1:30 pm.  During this hands on course you will learn the ins and outs of how to accurately measure, whip, and fill your molds for foam.


While this class is open enrollment (you don’t have to attend FXU 2017 to attend) spaces are limited and we only have 20 tickets available. This bonus 4.5 hour course is offered to FXU 2017 students for $75.00 and the general public for $250.00


#2  FANGtastic Dentalis taught by the talented 2016 FXU professor, Tyler Green from 2:00 - 6:00 pm.


Using your supplied Monster Makers' dental appliance kit, Tyler will walk you through the various steps of creating your custom fangs From design and planning, to casting your own set of upper teeth, and finally to creation.