FX University is a hands-on, professional training event for anyone who is passionate about prosthetic applications, makeup effects, mask making, sculpture, mold making, airbrush and more!


At FXU you have the opportunity to learn from a selection of winners and finalists from SyFy's hit series Face Off. Along with the talented FX artists from Face Off, other FX masters might drop in to lend a hand.

History of FXU

FX University 2016 and 2017 are ones for the history books. We created an amazing weekend boot camp style training event and ran it for two years and met with mountains of praise from those in attendance. 


FX University 2017 was held in Charleston, WV Sept. 14th – 17th 2017 in RJ Haddy's newly renovated Rad FX Atelier. Many photos from the event can be found on our Facebook page.

Check out the Course Catalogue for the latest classes. 

Hope to see all of you at the next FXU event!

—  Ryan Strout

FXU 2016


FX University

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